Stimulating, Vibrating & Augmented Reality Sex Is Here

The adult industry wants people to have better sex; even if it is without another human being. Presently, they are investing millions in virtual reality and augmented reality technology. Other industries are still being reluctant about investing though. That includes Hollywood and mainstream media companies. Still, all of this is not stopping adult corporations from putting their money into anything dealing with virtual reality. Perhaps that is due to the high increase it has seen in the demand for VR and AR related porn content, sex toys, apps and other products.

Several adult sites have achieved 260 percent increases in their VR porn videos category. Most of the VR porn movies get over five million views in just one month. If that wasn’t enough, the sales of headgear used to watch virtual and augmented reality porno are also selling like hot cakes. The same for real-life sex dolls, teledildonic equipment and the likes. All of these are sufficient grounds for the adult industry to continue creating VR porn videos. Keeping in mind that they cost much more than typical pornographic movies. In part, it’s due to how differently VR porn is captured. Special cameras which record images at 360-degree angles are used. They render 3D graphics, images and realistic characters.

When looking at a 360-degree video, the person watching it will get the experience unlike anything else. It is as if they are there present while all of it is going down. For a person who watches porn to masturbate, that is the best they can hope for. That alone is enough to make them want to see the adult content. But AR & VR technology doesn’t stop there. The porn videos are also recorded in 180 angles. That way, the point of view is as real as possible. Unlike streaming, most VR porn videos are downloaded by the users. They then side-load them into whatever device they are using.

On their own, the benefits of watching virtual reality and augmented reality porn are significant. That is when compared to conventional porn viewed through a screen. But, the adult industry sees the potential virtual reality and AR have for the future. It is their belief that how people have sex, will change over time. All due to the AR and VR potential and advancements.

The next stage for sex in the virtual world, are haptics and augmented reality. Instead of simply seeing a beautiful hot girl or man in front of you, AR wants to place them next to you. Using augmented reality, companies who sell porn content want to put an adult film actress right in your room. Combined with haptic and teslasuits, the person using the headgear will also ‘feel’ the action. Stimulation and sensations can be felt to the touch by using sex toys, sex robots, toys and other equipment.

But not all of the virtual reality related content is geared for people who are alone. Or someone who only wants a virtual reality partner. Many of the sex toys, are designed for couples. Whether they are in the same room, or far away from each other. Those in the latter situation can be able to have long-distance virtual sex. For now, the goal of the adult industry is to create products that will make virtual reality sex, as real as possible. Virtual intercourse is taking place already for those who can afford it. The RealDolls available have anatomical parts which look just like a real woman. Their pussies and ass have teledildonic technology for actual stimulation.

Keep in mind that these RealDolls and other sex toys, are interactive. These gadgets have the capability of being combined with VR porn videos. What a person watches in a virtual reality porn, a sex toy carries out in the real world. All of this gives new meaning to the ‘girlfriend experience.’ You see a tempting woman with big tits, while you touch the doll in front of you. If you are looking at a VR porn of a girl being fucked, you can fuck the sex toy you are using. It amounts to an immersive experience which looks and feels much like real sex.

Content which is interactive, also gives the VR and AR user more control. A person has the ability to define what takes place in the sex scenes. You can make a woman with a nice ass, spread her legs wide. She can take your cock in her mouth, or open up her pussy for you. Inside a virtual reality porn world, there are no limits. That alone is enough to allow it to change how people masturbate. Also, how they have sex with one another or with a make believe virtual character.

Traditional porn has nothing on VR content. VR is a significantly better viewing experience. It is also one that combines vibration, stimulation and interactivity. All roads which lead to great sex, even if it’s only in a virtual reality universe.