Finding Women to Date in Hong Kong

Hong Kongers are always busy and in a hurry. If you come from New York City, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, young people in Hong Kong manifest a unique cultural and social bridge between the East and the West. Women in Hong Kong are mysterious and discreet, but at the same time, friendly and […]

The History of Virtual Reality – How VR technology Started

Virtual Reality seems like a relatively new idea with products available to the everyday person only entering the market within the last couple of years. The technology is very promising and could potentially change the way we work, live and experience entertainment. Although most of us have heard of Virtual Reality and even own a […]

How the Adult Industry Will Benefit from Virtual Reality?

All you need in 2018 is a new pair of Virtual Reality goggles that your mum got you for Christmas and Bang! A very attractive man or lady will appear in front of you. In a world where you can get whatever you want instantly, VR is only enabling us to receive more, in glorious […]

How Can Augmented Reality Change the World?

The largest Companies in the world such as Google and Apple are investing huge amounts of time and money into Augmented Reality. As was seen by the recent craze in 2016 with Pokémon Go the world really saw how AR has the ability to change the world as we know it. But will AR really […]