How the Adult Industry Will Benefit from Virtual Reality?

All you need in 2018 is a new pair of Virtual Reality goggles that your mum got you for Christmas and Bang! A very attractive man or lady will appear in front of you. In a world where you can get whatever you want instantly, VR is only enabling us to receive more, in glorious high definition. This leaves nothing to the imagination as the adult industry has always pushed the boundaries to give the consumer an experience that they will keep coming back for.

Like any other business, the adult industry thrives by constantly moving forward. This helps them continue to make profit year in and year out and VR is opening a whole new set of doors for us to explore. The industry is kept alive purely by the entertainment that their customers receive and they would strongly argue that this tech will increase this significantly. A look into how the industry is benefitting from VR is provided below.

Investment in Technology

The days of sticking in a VHS and recording late night movies are long gone. The adult industry has always prided itself on being able to adapt with the latest technology to provide a continuously improving service. We have seen the development from standard definition content through to pixel perfect 4K and they have done this well.

Not many online streaming services that supply free content can say that they have constantly been at the forefront of technology if you disagree with the ethics behind pornography you certainly cannot disagree with that. Now that VR has clearly been chosen to drive the business forward the investment in the technology has come with it. To film a scene with full VR compatibility a VR camera rig accompanied with a production team is required meaning it is not as simple as pressing record and action. This investment has boosted the value of the industry and created more jobs in the process, what’s not to like?

The Shift to VR Content

The introduction of VR adult movies was slow but steady as companies tested out the waters. Before 2016 not many people actually owned a set of VR goggles themselves and as you can imagine watching adult movies normally requires a bit of privacy. A key milestone according to market leading website, Christmas last year saw a monumental increase in daily views of virtual reality videos.

This spike came from VR goggles being one of the most popular presents to receive from loved ones that year. When left alone with internet and brand a new way of experiencing videos – pornography is always the next step. Since then the website claim to receive over 500,000 VR porn views every day, this is a massive shift as these views will only increase as more devices are purchased. This brings in a whole new audience and keeps the current viewers happy with new content too.

As VR grips the adult industry tightly with both hands it can be clearly seen that their customers will be better off for it. Consumers turn to pornography to experience an encounter that might not be available to them in the real world and VR takes that extra step further. In a world of fantasy and desires, it can only be exciting times ahead for the adult industry.