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Release date : July 12th, 2016
Type : Simulation, Casual
Controls : Touchpad
Price : 7,99$
Publisher :  TouchFactor Inc
Developer : TouchFactor Inc

Note of the Editor : 
Here at Twisted Reality, we really enjoy seeing our community members participating in bringing us closer together.  Here is a review of TouchFish by  Mete Atas.  Enjoy.

Have you ever wanted to pet some fish but you couldn’t? Then here’s your chance. With this app you’ll be able to have a fish to interact with, care for and enjoy. There are more than 50 different types of fish to choose from!

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Graphics are really good, it gives you the feeling of sitting in front of a fish tank. I especially liked the beginning scene. The quality of the background is okay but could have been a little better, if there are better backgrounds I haven’t unlocked them yet. Some people are experiencing overheating issues but I didn’t during my whole playtime.

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I really like the gameplay. You start with a cute golden fish in the sea, you can choose its gender and name it. Then the little Star Fish, who’s there to guide us, moves us to our home with a normal fish tank. Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to customize it from  A to Z. You can teach more than 35 tricks to your fish, play with it and make it swim around the fish tank.

There are quests to keep us away from boredom; you have responsibilities like feeding and taking care of your fishes. There are lots of way to earn XP and Money. You can complete the quests, buy some fishes then sell them after growing them up for profit, visiting and helping your friends with taking care of their fish tank etc. You can add your friends, see their world, play with their fishes, exchange gifts and watch their fishes grow up.

I love the freedom to customize everything like creatures, plants, the color of sand, decorative items and moving them around etc. It makes me happy.

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The design is what I dislike the most. It can be improved in many ways. In my opinion the menu could be a simple and intuitive one, but instead of that it is complicated to navigate properly.  The way the game plays might also take some time to adjust as it is touch mechanism that has been ported to VR.

TouchFish Community Review : The first Pet simulator for GearVR
If you are into Pet Simulation games or love the feeling of having a fish without all the responsibilities, you should definitely buy this game. While the Thanks to the many options, games, tricks, and the graphics, this one is great choice for you.
VR Design6
6.4Overall Score

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