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We have the chance to be in a great VR community. As a VR evangelist, I want people to be able to experience as much content as possible, but the current market is so small that developers needs to raise the price of it’s content to cover the development costs. Fortunately enough, I have come by a huge resource of free games and apps and I’m going to share it with you.

Less than a year ago, Oculus hosted a Mobile Jam with over 1,000,000$ in cash prize to give away. Over 300 games and apps were entered and a little less than 30 were selected as winners. Many winners are now on the Oculus Store. The submitted apps and games are available for download to whoever want to try them. It is a good way to try out some early versions of those apps before buying the final product on the store.

You will find early version of games like DRIFT and Captain Clarks Adventure, but also unreleased experience like SMS Racing or Virtual Parachute Precision Landing Competition.

How to Install :
To be able to install the following games, you first need to allow Unknown Sources. This will allow your phone to install .apk files manually(APKs are the installation files for Android devices).
Depending on the phone model and OS version you have, you should find it in Settings under Security or Lock Screen & Security.

You will have the links below to browse all the projects, as well as a link to .torrent files that will let you download the whole library at once. Once you get the .apk in your phone by either downloading them directly from it, or transferring them from your computer, you just have to run your file from the My Files app included in all Samsung devices.

You will then be prompted with the Installation screen. Just go ahead with the installation. Games will appear as a standard android app, but when you launch it, it will ask to put your phone in the Gear VR. When you do, you will launch directly into the the game and it will supports the Gear VR sensor and inputs.

Please keep in mind that those are were not destined to be final commercial products and may crash on your device, have some bugs or have any other issue.


The links

You can access individual games and apps page from the VR JAM official site. You will be able to access screenshots, videos and description of individual projects as well as download them from the bottom of their page.

You can browse the projects from here: VRJam 2015
Note : Any link to the Android Market is a Cardboard version of the game or app. You will need Cardboard Enabler or Package Disabler to run those version.

If you have no time to waste and want to download the full library of projects (over 27 GB), someone got them into a few torrents and compressed it for both PC and MAC and divided them depending on the size of each app.

Set 1 – 238 APKs less than 100MBs. Zipped at 10.75GB.
Set 2 – 52 APKs from 100MBs to 300MBs. Zipped at 7.49GB.
Set 3 – 15 APKs from 300MBs to 1.5GB. Zipped at 8.77GB.

You can access the torrents from here : Click here

This should keep most of you busy for the next few days. Enjoy!.

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