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Developer / Publisher: Indago  and UXDream
Type: Puzzle / Arcade
Price: 2.99$
Length: Short
Control: Touchpad

It’s been a few weeks since this game came out for the gear VR and we finally got our hand on it to give it a try. It’s easy, it’s beautiful and it’s Zen. This game for casual players is the fruit of Global Game Jam 2016, where the developers of two Polish companies joined forces. After a test drive at the Pyrkon convention, the crowd shared a positive feedback with the developers and the game released mid-August on the Gear VR. The game is currently 10 levels long, but the developers are working to raise that number. For a 2.99$ game thought, it’s still quite fair compared to many other games on the market.

The first thing noticeable about this game is the art style they used for it. A low poly, cell shaded Asian theme environment that is well executed and beautiful to look at. The 3d effects are really well made from the scenery, to the corridor of small stars when pulling yourself towards lanterns. And pulling yourself towards those lanterns are the core gameplay of this game. The experience is fairly comfortable for VR use as most of the movement you will do is looking around and moving along the path. I recommend having a swivel chair, but since it’s not an Action game requiring fast movements (it does sometimes), it’s not a requirement if you play standing.


In an environment of flying islands, your character must reach the end of the path by clicking on floating lanterns of different types, having different particularities. While the first lantern you see let’s you pull yourself and stay hooked until you release the touchpad, the second one will drop you down as soon as you get too close. You can also come across some scroll that will fly you to another part of the level, letting you watch around while you are transported. Lanterns lights up at different distances as well so you can’t wander off the paths or overcome obstacles easily, because there are many.

The abyss below your feet are one of them, don’t fall or you’ll die… well you’ll restart from the last checkpoint. There are also moving island that can block your path to other lanterns requiring timing and more dangerous paths that will make levels harder over the progress through the game. It also offers secret paths in each level that leads to philosophical quotes. Those paths might be tricky to find, adding to the replay value. When you look around at certain point, paths will appear with purple lanterns. That will bring you to a wise quote and unlock and achievement.


The soundtrack offers ambiance to the game, while it can become a bit repetitive over long game sessions, it does add a lot to the overall experience. The Chinese style music fits perfectly with the environment in which you will progress.


Spirit Journey : Flying in Asia
Overall, the game is good for its target audience. It offers great visual and music that will transport you to this Asian fantasy. It’s comfortable and can be played in short sessions. I wish the secret paths would unlock something more than just a quote, such as game arts or beautiful 3D sceneries, but it does add to the replay value for those seeking to find them all.
VR Design7
  • Effective Artstyle
  • Accessible gameplay
  • Short
  • Lack of content
6.6Overall Score

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