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Developer: Digigo

Device: Gear VR

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Exploration

Controller:  head tracking

Price: 7.99


Rangi is a puzzle style game in the same vein as Lands end,  where you  reconstruct stautes and navigate traps and solve puzzles to open door to the next environment. Rather than just having just puzzles to work through, Digigo gave this game tons of  character, starting with this fanastic story to set the mood.


Listen… Do you hear the rhythm?

Once it was strong, guiding the beat of our people’s hearts.

Once it was loud, filling our children with joy, bringing strength to our warriors.

Once it was all around us, but now we must seek it out with drumbeats and dancing.

This was not always the way of the world…

Long ago, the Music Giants wandered freely, keeping the beat alive.

The land of Ota echoed to the sound of their footsteps, and the people of Nchi knew only peace, joy and harmony.

Then came the Matata, the interrupters, the stealers of sound. They stole Chúkwú away from the Giants, hoarding their life force and locking it away inside secret puzzles.

Now the drumbeat ebbs and fades.

Some fear it will be lost forever.

But we are not without hope!

For the old men sing of one who will unlock the mysteries of the Matata, one who will return the Chúkwú to the Music Giants and restore the balance of our world.

His name is Guruki, and his time has come.


I love the opening mythos, I love the art and Music and they way it is Blended together right when the  beginning story is told you are truly put into a different world to discover;  and to save. Which is what we VR enthusiast’s have been craving since the possibility of VR was teased back in 2013. New worlds and immersive Environments, and Rangi  succeeds on all fronts.


The graphics are fantastic, clean and bright, and simple they were inspired by tribal art, ancient Architecture an African landscapes. Funsoft and Digigo did a fantastic job bringing this world in to VR. From the crumbling ruins to passing villages, every stage is a delight to behold. Instead of using a single color pallet they really worked hard on giving the Environments a character unique to each stage.  The art team adds depth to each room by using shadows and rays of light, to small dust particles in the sunrays. And it really helped make the game be a inspiring journey to travel through.


Game play mechanics-

The game play is quite basic, where you have a dot cross hair and you point at certain objects; tap on the side of the headset to manipulate it with you head movements. The first few levels walk you through movement, by tapping on movement points, then your POV (point of view) floats to the next point, which gives you access to more movement points. The second level has you manipulating objects to clear a path to access more movement points. And the third introduces the main component of the puzzle mechanic, which is to use environmental objects to connect channels which colored lights travel through to unlock the door to the next level.

What impressed me the most is that the early levels were quite simple and as you progress every level introduces another mechanic; from moving pillars to twisting whole parts of the level. It actually reminded me of Valves Portal series. It’s fantastic and keeps you guessing with-out becoming too difficult; and example of this is when the game starts you out in front of the door you are trying open, and you progress by back tracking through the level. Just when you might start getting a little bored, It switches up its play style and adds platforming timing to the mix.


VR Comfort-

Because of the teleporting system, you rarely feel  sick or nauseated, it is best to play on a swivel chair or standing though, the puzzles wrap around you, and you will find yourself turning around a lot. On the final level of the early access game you can fly around to collect color orbs. I fear that will trigger some queasiness in some folks. But for the most part, when teleporting to new movement orbs, the game blinks and teleports you around the maps; and won’t cause you much trouble.

Vr design-

The VR design is very well done, with 14 current levels and 8 more levels available to download for free down the road, and 3 secret artifacts split into 3 pieces to find; which gives the game more replay value. You will be amazed by how well thought out each puzzle is; without stumping you completely. Most of the later more difficult levels, require patience and not so much all out brain power to solve. As you go around the level . MY only problem is the lacking of more levels.



As I mentioned before the game starts you out just traveling around and teaching you the mechanics of how to solve the puzzles, and once you have learned all the different ways the developers have used to keep you out of the doors, the game ends. I was hoping for some truly crazy levels with platforming and puzzle solving at once. And this guy pacing back and forth doesn’t really count, since he is so easily avoided.


The music is so fitting in this game, I thought that it would have become repetitive, and I would eventually turned it off, but I didn’t. I enjoyed every bit of it the whole way through. With the chants and the drums, my favorite is the melody’s when singing. It almost as a synth sound to it as well; the music sooths you through the puzzles.  If you would like to listen to some of the songs go over to scroll down on the title page to listen. It’s fantastic.


Rangi is 7.99 in the Oculus store and for that price I would have liked to see more content. I feel like in the version I played; that I just got started before the game had ended, and that people will get though the game fairly quickly, and left wanting more. The game as a whole looks like a game that is worth as much as the asking price is requiring, it sounds like it’s a super polished game, but the neat graphics and great sound won’t get you very far if there is not enough of the games content to enjoy, so let’s hope it is coming soon.  8 more levels are on their way for free, but for a Mobile VR game 7.99 is a bit high for the time you will spend in the game.



Rangi- Saving the Planet one rhythm at a time
Rangi impressed me in a lot of ways, and I want to say to you this is a game that is a must buy. But I fear of the lack of content will leave the average consumer bitter by the short amount of gameplay available. I went through all of the levels in the game in about an hour and twenty mins. Which if you broke it into segments, isn’t too bad, but not for 7.99. The balance of the gameplay is this games strongest asset; mix that with the excellent graphics and music this game really could a best seller. I wish the developers a lot of luck, and I am excited to see what the next 8 levels bring to this games, already, varied gameplay.
VR Design9
  • Great graphics
  • music
  • VR design
  • not enough content

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Like many of you, I fell in love with VR in the 90's. I watched every movie about it, read books about it. and my jaw fell when I saw Palmer Lucky had made huge strides in his garage, that every huge company who had tried to develop it had failed at doing. I bought a Gear VR for my S6 as soon as it was available, started a you tube channel, GeerHed VR, and I am humbly thrilled to write VR game reviews for Twisted Reality!

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  1. Chri

    Great write up. I’m on level 9 right now. Do you have ever do a top 5 (or top something) of your favorite games overall and of that week / month? If you write descriptions this well for all the games I feel like I will know if what I’m buying is worth it or not.


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