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At the GDC(Game Developer Conference) in San Francisco,  Sony finally revealed the Price and date of the Playstation VR.

With 399 $ the PSVR will be significantly less expensive than is competitors. With the 36 million PS4’s in the hand of the customers this could be a huge hit. But the PS4 will also be the limiting factor on this. Because you cannot upgrade it, the experiences will be limited to smaller games with not that great graphics.

What surprised a lot of people is the missing camera in the bundle. The camera is needed to track the Headset for positional tracking. We really hope that all games will support that, cause it boosts the immersion to a whole new level.

The 1080p display of PSVR headset includes an RGB and Pentile matrix and also provides a theoretical frame rate of 120Hz (Rift and Vive only 90Hz), but most games will be rendered only with 60 frames per second. As Sony announced it will provide for an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront VR offshoot. We are excited!

There will also be a cinema mode, with which you can enjoy your entire PS4 games collection in a virtual space.

This will be a huge deal for the people who want to play their PS4 games on a “big screen”.

For the free game Playroom VR Sony directly released a new trailer:

These are the specs of the Playstation VR

5.7 OLED Screen

1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution

360 degree tracking

120 Hz

100 degree field of view

DualShock 4 and PS Move Controller

Less than 18ms latency

Now, that all the prices for the major HMD’s this year are announced, which one will be the Headset of your choice?

Write it down in the comments below.

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