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On the 13th of October the PlayStation VR headset will finally be delivered.
While the hype is inflating and a lot of youtube-videos are being uploaded about their first impressions, it becomes more and more obvious that the HMD has some serious tracking issues.


Most comfy Headset

The image quality, the design and the comfort are highly praised in the media. Sony uses plastic for its encasing and does not quite achieve the high-quality look of the Oculus Rift.
Still, the headset looks nice. The Sony made a very good job on these points, we can confirm this from our test rounds with the PSVR headset.


Unreliable Tracking

But what is often criticized and not noticed during the opening on various events is the fact that the tracking becomes unreliable from a distance of three meters to the camera. If the distance between the coach and the TV in your living room is higher, then you have a problem and you have to position the camera somehow closer to your couch.

But even if you are in the right distance, the headset sometimes shows weakplaystation-vr-play-areanesses in tracking and can not keep up with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in this field. Especially when standing still, the headset will cause problems, since the positional tracking (ie the recording of the movement in space) is not as accurate as the competitors solutions. However, there are no problems with Rotational Tracking.

These weak points come from the technique used in tracking. Sony relies on luminous LEDs captured by the camera. This system was used by Sony before in the move controllers, which were not intended for Virtual Reality. This system can be particularly affected by light and reflections. Therefore, it is also recommended not to use the headset in very bright rooms.


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