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A Reddit user by the name of The-King-Of-Spain has perfected the method that many before him have tried: getting the Virtual Boy to run flawlessly on Google Cardboard and the Gear VR! In using the Android emulator RetroArch, you can load up the custom “core” for the Virtual Boy, load up the ROM, change the “shader” so it runs “side by side” video output and when you put your headset on, it works beautifully! He even made the shader black and white to avoid that headache-inducing red and black color scheme.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download and install RetroArch
  2. Get some Virtual Boy Roms and put them in a new folder in /Android/data/com.retroarch (use My Files or your favorite file browser). Zipped files work fine!
  3. Download the custom shader file from here: Custom Shader. Put it in /Android/data/com.retroarch/shaders
  4. Gear VR only: Get a package disabler if you don’t already have one. I use CB Enabler for Gear VR since it doesn’t require root. Start that up and activate cardboard mode.
  5. Open RetroArch. Hit Online Updater on the main screen and then Core Updater. Scroll down and tap “Virtual Boy (Mednafen VB)”. Back out once and scroll down and tap Update GLSL Shaders and wait for it to finish (yellow text on bottom left)
  6. Hit the Back virtual button (top left) on the screen till you get back to the main menu and tap Load Content
  7. Pick “Select File and Detect Core” and use /data/data/com.retroarch (should be top choice) and locate your rom from the roms folder. Pick “Load Archive With Core” if using .zip or just tap twice the ROM name for .vb files.
  8. The game should have started up! You may need to Swipe down from the top of the screen and enable “Screen Rotation”.
  9. Now, we are going to change the shader that we downloaded earlier, but first we need to create a “Preset”.
  10. Hold the “Space Invaders Alien Icon” till you see a menu. Tap “Shaders” at the bottom (you may have to scroll). Load Shader Preset>shaders_glsl>anti-aliasing>fx-aa.glslp(tap twice)
  11. Tap “Shader #0” and navigate to where we saved the custom shader file “anaglyph-to-sbs.glsl” and select it. Make sure to save your Preset! “Shader Preset Save As” and type a filename and hit “enter” (now when you load shader preset, you pick your named preset instead of that process!)
  12. Apply Shader Changes (at top) and go “back”.
  13. Find Options and open it. Tap the “Anaglyph preset(restart)” to “red & electric cyan”. Black & white is fine.
  14. Hit Close. You will need to “back” out to the main menu (the one with the three icons on the bottom).
  15. In order to setup our controller now, go ahead and connect it (turn it on and connect to the phone). Tap the Gear Icon on the bottom right.
  16. Tap Input, then scroll and find and tap “Input User 1 Binds”. Press a button on your controller and it should recognize it!
  17. You will need to change a few things to get the right d-pad to work with your controller. Scroll down and find these four buttons: User 1 L2/R2/L3/R3 (will say bu… after each)
  18. Set L2 by double-tapping and then pressing your right stick UP. Repeat for the others with L3=DOWN, R2=LEFT, R3=RIGHT (all stick movements).
  19. Feel free to alter any other controls as you see fit.
  20. Back out to the main menu and press the home button on the bottom (left). Save Current Config! Finally, press Load Recent and pick your last loaded Rom. Use the “V” button to close on-screen controls.
  21. If everything went fine, you should be able to put the phone in either your Cardboard setup or the Gear VR!

Enjoy Virtual Boy on your Gear VR or Cardboard device!

Source: – Emulating Virtual Boy in 3D on Gear VR/Google Cardboard

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