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Samsung Internet for Gear VR lets you browse the web and enjoy contents in an immersive environment. Browse the web on a big screen, just as if you were at the theater.

In the first official version of Samsung Internet for Gear VR, the overall UX design is changed to adopt merits of existing PC and mobile browsers. Consequently providing more familiarity to, and reducing dizziness of users.

Integration with Samsung Internet for Android

One of Samsung Internet’s main goals is to provide better integration among various Samsung devices. Following that goal, Samsung Internet for Gear VR provides features such as continuous experience when switching to and from Samsung Internet for Android, and synchronized Video History.

Connecting Gear VR to your mobile device with any web page or Full screen video open on Samsung Internet for Android, will let you continuously view the same contents using Samsung Internet for Gear VR.

Supported Features

Samsung Internet for Gear VR provides several features to make your VR web browsing easy and intuitive.

Easy Content Access

Samsung Internet for Gear VR provides the same helpful features as Samsung Internet for Android such as Quick Access, Bookmarks and Tab Manager to give you a familiar experience. Use the import button to bring the bookmarks from Samsung Internet for Android to Samsung Internet for Gear VR.

Video History new

Samsung Internet for Gear VR manages a separate history list for online videos. Users can revisit videos more easily with the video history list. The mode each video was viewed in is also saved, so users don’t need to select the viewing mode again. The video history list from Samsung Internet for Android is synced in a separate list for easy access in Samsung Internet for Gear VR.

Intuitive Text Input

To make text input intuitive and easy, Samsung Internet for Gear VR provides an on-screen keyboard and voice input.

Gaze Mode

Turn on Gaze Mode in Settings, and you’ll be able to select menus just by ‘gazing’ at them for a few seconds. You can use Samsung Internet for Gear VR menus without even moving a finger.

Bluetooth Device Support

Samsung Internet for Gear VR supports Bluetooth devices so users will have more options for convenient input. By connecting Bluetooth devices to your Galaxy device and launching Samsung Internet for Gear VR, you can browse the web more easily in VR environment.

Supported devices:
  • Bluetooth Gamepad (Samsung EI-GP20)
    • Analog stick: scroll web pages and Tab list
    • One dot button: Select
    • Two dot button: Go back
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Mouse (Supported on Android M OS and above)
    • Mouse move: pointer move like desktop PC
    • Left click: Select
    • Right click: Go back
Reorientation new

Samsung Internet for Gear VR lets you enjoy the web in any position you prefer. Whenever you end up looking at blank space, the “Tap touchpad to reposition screen” message will appear, and you will be able to reorient the screen by selecting the message. Now that you can always align Samsung Internet for Gear VR’s screen to your focus, you can even use it while lying down.

Ultimate Viewing Experience

Just like other Gear VR contents, you can enjoy videos from the web in an immersive environment. Watch any HTML5 video from the web on a mega sized screen.

The Video Controller of Samsung Internet for Gear VR is launched when users select fullscreen mode for videos. Press the ‘Mode’ button to select the type of video you are watching.

Streaming 360˚ Videos

Watch spherical 360˚ videos uploaded to websites. Get absorbed into any 360˚ content on-line. Take virtual trips to whenever and wherever!

Streaming 3D Videos

Samsung Internet for Gear VR supports streaming side-by-side 3D videos. You can enjoy all 3D videos on the web in a virtual theater.

Streaming 3D 360˚ Videos new

Starting from version 1.0, Samsung Internet for Gear VR supports Streaming 3D 360˚ videos. Experience increased realism with 3D and 360˚ combined!

HTML5 Video Dimension Type Support new

For HTML5 videos with the dimension parameter defines, Samsung Internet for Gear VR will play the video without prompting the user for Video mode selection.

Supported dimension types are:

  • dimension=3d-lr: Side-by-Side 3D Video
  • dimension=3d-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D Video
  • dimension=360: 360˚ Video
  • dimension=360-lr: Side-by-side 3D 360˚ Video
  • dimension=360-tb: Top-to-bottom 360˚ Video
3D/360˚ Image Support new

Samsung Internet for Gear VR supports HTML5 Fullscreen mode. When viewing images in Fullscreen with Samsung Internet for Gear VR, users can switch to viewing modes supported for Videos. Try out this feature with your 3D or 360˚ images!


Samsung Internet for Gear VR is available for download in Oculus Store.

Supported devices are:

Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge with Gear VR.

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  1. Neil

    could you please tell me, when watching a 360 video on say youtube, how do you go back a page, i.e. back to the page that the video and other videos were on when you selected the video. I dont seem to be able to go back a page when in 360 video, the back button on the VR does not get me back, and the only option I seem to have is to go to the home page and start all over again. Many thanks.


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