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Well isn’t that a nice picture ?!!
President Barack Obama is putting in a few good words for the “spirit of innovation” that he says turns ideas into jobs and growth.
He commented Monday before setting out on a tour of the Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial technology trade show, taking place in Hannover, Germany.
The U.S. is sponsoring this year’s show and Obama says it’s another chance to urge people to buy “Made in America.”
Obama is touring exhibits with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as part of their dual push for a U.S.-European free trade pact.
The tour opens Obama’s final day of a six-day, three-country trip.
He’s also due to deliver a speech in Hannover and meet with European leaders before returning to Washington.
What a lot of people don’t know is that president Barack Obama is something of a technology geek and he is in his element at the Hannover Messe. Obama and his host, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are checking out high-tech inventions and chatting with developers at the massive industrial technology trade show. The leaders are learning about minicomputers that send data from a car to the cloud, a sensor that mimics a gecko’s feet to pick up objects and ultra-light prosthetics created for para-Olympian cyclists. They’ve checked out an electric vehicle battery charger that maker Phoenix Contact says can give an car battery 100 kilometers worth of charge in just five minutes.
President Obama has tried on virtual reality glasses made with what developer Ifm Stiftung dubs the smallest 3D camera in the world.
Germany ObamaWith the glasses on his face and cameras snapping photos, Obama reached out as if shaking an invisible hand.
He says, “It’s a brave new world.”

The hardware that is used is here is the Camboard Pico FLex from PMD who is Google’s depth sensing partner for Project Tango.
They are now now is making their 3D technology available for CardBoard developers and have successfully partnered with Gestigon to enable “the most” intuitive and immersive input for VR: touchless interaction.

Using pmd’s 3D ToF technology in combination with Gestigon’s Carnival SDK: 3D point cloud and gesture detection enable you to understand where your hands and fingertips are. Playing VR chess, re-decorating your VR living room, grab/touch/push/pull VR content, even bringing real objects into the virtual world.
Very cool stuff.

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