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The Internation Champions Cup is a row of games between big clubs, mostly the best of their leagues in the preparation for the new season.
Teams like FC Bayern Munich, Chelsea or even the mighty club Real Madrid are playing against each other.
Being there in a stadium for every game is nearly impossible due to the sheer distance between the stadiums the games will take place in.2016ICC NextVR

The alternative is watching the competition on the good old television.
But imagine being on the pitch and seeing the matches from different point of views.
Stars like Marcelo being right in front of you.

This will be possible with the now scheduled livestreams by NextVR.
The company will broadcast the following games:

Jul 27 – 8pm PT ( 2:30 AM Next Day CEST)
Logo Liverpool FC     VS  1024px Chelsea FC.svg

Jul 30 – 3pm ET (9:00 PM CEST)
Real Madrid Logo.svg                VS      1024px Chelsea FC.svg
Aug 3 – 7:30pm ET (1:30 AM Next Day CEST)
Real Madrid Logo.svg       VS              Logo FC Bayern München.svgDo you gonna watch this games ? And who do you think will win this cup?My guess is, that Real Madrid, as the best team on this planet, will win this cup.

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