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The future of Mixed reality, and perhaps the death of screens, is likely Magic Leap.
This is a Google and Qualcomm backed company that has created a way of projecting light into the eye for a seamless blend of reality and the virtual.
And now its hardware is beginning to creep into the public realm.

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A patent has leaked that shows off what Magic Leap foresees its Mixed reality headset will look like.
Despite this, even the patent is very limited in its revelations, simply showing the headset from various angles without details.
(Magic Leap says the VR headset it was granted a patent for this week does not reflect what its own mixed reality product will look like )

Magic Leap, unlike other augment reality hardware, such as Microsoft’sHoloLens, uses a new technology it calls digital Lightfield
which uses its Photonics Chip to, somehow, send light right into the human eye.
This creates an effect that tricks the brain so virtually created objects blend seamlessly with reality.

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In all the teaser videos it looks really promising, but how the final result looks remains to be seen.
But with $540 million of funding it must be pretty impressive.
When this Tron-like headset will arrive, how much it will cost, or what it will work with all remain to be seen.
A patent is a good step though, so here’s hoping the hardware follows soon.


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