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12 new apps are available today on the GearVR. Here is your one stop to check them out.


Title : BeanVR – VR Social

Price : Free

Type : Social

Controls : Gaze and Touchpad

Description : VR Social APP VR social online community, which can help people achieve highly customized profile , get into all kinds of theme rooms, including live, games, education, presentation and debate ,or create a private space to share something you like with your friends .  I haven’t seen anything about this in the short time I spent. Almost everything is in an asian language. Nothing works as it should.

Title : Witchblood


Type : Platform

Controls : Gamepad, GearVR Controllet

Description : Clara Pathemore has lost everything. Pursued by zealots, she finds herself scared and alone in the forest, out-numbered and out-matched. She must learn to control her growing powers and gain the strength necessary to defeat the Hunters that have taken over her town. Explore an intricate diorama world filled with secrets, enemies, and powerful magic. With 6+ hours of metroidvania exploration and combat, hundreds of rooms, 40 upgrades, and 4 difficulty levels to master, Witchblood shows how VR transforms classic gaming.

Title : Hello Mars

Price: 4.99$US/ 5,79$CAD (Launch Promo – 2,99$US/ 3,49$CAD

Type : Educational / Simulation

Controls : GearVR Controller

Description:  Hello Mars Highlights: All 3D data & landing procedures of Hello Mars were created strictly based on NASA’s public data & research. – Experience the “7 minutes of terror” Mars landing sequence in VR with real-time rendered graphics and spatial sound effects – Prepare yourself as a space pilot in the actual landing simulation lab. – Voyage through the distinctive Martian terrain surface with the Curiosity Mars Rover. – Learn more about the spacecrafts and historic Mars missions via the interactive VR showroom.

Title : Zero Days Vr

Price: Free

Type : Movie / Documentary

Description: Based on the Participant Media feature-length documentary Zero Days, Scatter’s award-winning, immersive VR documentary Zero Days VR experience visualizes the story of Stuxnet in a new way: audiences will be placed inside the invisible world of computer viruses experiencing the high stakes of cyber warfare at a human scale. Zero Days VR explores the next chapter of modern warfare through the story of Stuxnet: the first cyber weapon in the world known to cause real-world physical damage.

Title : Air Combat (WW2)

Price: 1,99$US/ 2,29$CAD

Type : Flight Combat

Controls : GearVR and Touchpad, Gamepad

Description: Fight the enemy with your own plane in the middle of WW2. Air Combat is an air battle game built from the ground up for the Gear VR. You will enjoy controlling your own plane to fight other enemy planes in a beautiful atmosphere.


Title : Deadeye Dungeon

Price: 4,99$US / 5,79$CAD

Type : Shooter / Dungeon Crawler

Controls : Gaze and touchpad

Description: Delve into an unknown dungeon deep within the ominous Deadeye Mountain and face the nightmarish creatures that guard its darkest secrets. Load up your powerful Arcane Gun and shoot your way through the treacherous depths in a scary new VR experience!


Title : Ancient Life Online

Price: Free

Type :Social / Co-Op Wave combat

Controls :  GearVR Controller

Description: Welcome to the world of Survival of the fittest! Survive the ancient era when ferocious animals and dinosaurs live with their colleagues! Interact with other players at the center of the village (lobby area), take pictures with them, and enjoy mischiefing with animals. In defense mode dinosaurs will attack the village! Please cooperate with other players to protect the village from the dinosaur attack!



Title : Race on Mars

Price: 1.99$US / 2.29$CAD

Type : Racing 

Controls : Gaze

Description: It’s the year 2131 and the population of Mars has reached nearly 100 million. An evolved environment and new technologies have made possible new kinds of entertainment. High-speed, winged jet-pack racing is one of them.

Title : Bad Dream Ultimate Edition

Price: 1,99$US / 2,29$CAD

Type : Horror

Controls : Expermiental

Description: Dive into a pure terror Experience with BAD DREAM, the most anticipated VR HORROR game. – Play by moving your body ! (walk, crawl, climb) – Exploration, Action, Quick TIme Event – Playable without controller – Amazing graphics envrionnement – 3D spacial sound 5.1

Title : Avem33

Price: Free

Type : Racing/Arcade

Controls: Touchpad/Tilt

Description: ts all about the high score, can you beat it? Follow the trail of the markers as they will give you more points. In the ambient atmosphere beware of hitting the buildings, if you do you race is over. The track will be more difficult the longer you stay alive thus the high score will be hard to beat every race.

Title :Chess Garden Vr

Price: Free

Type : Tabletop

Controls : Touchpad

Description:  Welcome to Chess Garden VR, the classic board game in virtual reality. Challenge your opponent in a beautiful and relaxing village garden without disturbing elements.  Offers a single player experience with 3 level of difficulty.


Title : World of Pirate Ships

Price: 3,99$US / 4,59$CAD

Type : Naval Combat

Controls : Touchpad

Description: World Of Pirate Ships is a classical, free for all, death-match, multiplayer only, game for 10 players (ships) per map. The goal is to destroy, as many as you can, enemy ships . Each round is 10 minutes long after which map changes. For every hit with your cannon you get gold. If you hit bigger ship, you’ll get more gold. You can spend it on upgrades or new ships. Controls are very simple. Just tap and hold on the water to set new direction for the ship, tap to shoot, swipe down and up to change cannons.



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