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Gear VR Review

9.3Space Shooter

End Space : A long way since launch

End Space has been out for several month now and we reviewed the game right before the launch back this spring. Justin Wasilenko, the game creator, told us in an interview that he wish to add many features and ...
7.3Space Shooter

Gear VR Game Review: Starfighter Arduxim

Studio : Fulby Technologies Type: Action, Simulation, Shooter, Arcade Price: 7.99$ Game Modes: Single/Multiplayer Control: Controller supported When I first got my Gear VR, it was February of 2015, it wa...

Gear VR Review: Hypercade

Studio: Hidden Path Entertainment Type: Action, Arcade Price : 2.99$ Length: Single Player Control: Touchpad / Controller supported Hypercade brings a modern spin to nostalgic arcade action in VR. Play fou...

Tactera : Tactical RTS for the GearVR

Developer / Publisher: E. McNeill Type: RTS Price: 9.99$ Length: Medium Control: Touchpad Tactera was born out of the Oculus Mobile VR Jam of 2015. After porting his first game, Darknet, to t...
6.6Puzzle / Arcade

Spirit Journey : Flying in Asia

Developer / Publisher: Indago  and UXDream Type: Puzzle / Arcade Price: 2.99$ Length: Short Control: Touchpad It’s been a few weeks since this game came out for the gear VR and we finally...

Smashing the Battle

Studio HG is a one man band Indie developer. And that really suprised me due to the polish Smashing the Battle has. StB is the first title he/ they have created, it uses controller only gameplay which may disco...

A VR Skee Ball Simulator

Studio: Motoda media Type: Arcade /simulation Price : 1.99$ Length: medium Control: Touchpad Skee- ball simulator is a game on the Samsung Gear VR. At first glance can seem a little underwhelming com...
7.4Duel / FPS

Wands : Battle of the steampunk mages

NUX Studios Type: First Person Duel Price : 5.99$ Length: Multiplayer Only Control: Touchpad / Controller supported Wands is a multiplayer mage battle game.   As a wielder of a magic wand in a steampunk Lo...

VRCover Review

VRCover? Lets face it, the Gear VR can be very uncomfortable. How awesome would it be watching Netflix in the bed with the Gear VR without having pressure marks all over the face afterwards. Or showing t...