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Studio : Red Limb Studios
Type: Gaze Shooter, Arcade, Castle Defense
Price: .99$
Game Modes: Single
Control: Head tracking /Controller Supported


The Purge Day is a horror/science fiction VR Gaze Shooter; made by a three man team that forms Red Limb Studios.  Before they created Red Limb Studios one of them worked on Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear: Inheritance; games that have been hailed as some of the most frightening games ever made. They Banded together to make a game on their own; and created The Purge Day. In The Purge Day you take on the role of Jack Bowman; all around tough guy. In the opening sequence we see Jack after he receives a heart stopping phone call from his wife; she’s the head of a team of operative’s that deal with Astrological Anomalies in a Chinese clinic half way around the world; And Jack is on his way to save her.


The first level consists of jack standing in one spot, never wavering, with a blown up airplane burning in the back ground, keeping your head on a swivel and shooting aliens. The first level consists of 7 waves, called rounds. You start the game by purchasing a hand gun; after a round you get more money to purchase higher powered weapons, and ammo, you have 6 guns total you can choose from, three pistols, 2 assault rifles, and a very powerful shot gun. You also have 2 power-ups, grenades, and a time slowing power. The grey men style aliens walk slowly towards you, really slow, and they look nice enough, in a non-threatening sort of way; but don’t let them touch you, because all it takes is one bite from those incredible alien chomper’s, and you’re a dead man. Give them a warm common curtesy earthly hello, by blowing their heads off. And don’t let their slowly walking towards you; bait you into thinking they are not dangerous, they are very sneaky and sneak up on you when you least expect it. After relieving them the burden of their heads, their bodies disappear. (Aliens are quite courteous that way.) When you clear one wave you have a chance to upgrade your weapons; then the next round starts and you do it over again. And as you progress through the rounds, the aliens get more agitated, and they start running at you, and then bigger aliens appear, then giant robot walking tanks. There are three main levels; the first level is the open Air Port runway with very clear visibility in all directions, the second level Jack is fighting on the city streets where the fog makes visibility a problem. And the final level is a confining Hospital, with low lighting and no visibility. Check out the video below where I show some game play of the second level.

Where the game suffers is the aliens move soooo slowly. You almost want to cheer them on, like a toddler ” C’mon! You can do it! Come a little closer! You are gonna get me! You are! Just a little more!” You watch them slowly march towards you, and then shoot them to help end their boring lives. Then die cause while you slowly watched the first come come at you, while another silently sneaks up on you from behind. The Shotgun rivals the Legendary Golden gun, From Golden Eye on the N64. One shot kills, every time Waaay Over powered. No matter how far away they are from you despite having the lowest range rating. The end boss from the first level can be killed with four shots. Ending the battle before it really begins.



When the game starts, you get a nice comic book style opening about the skills and relationship between Jack and his wife, and then it says he’s landing, and when it fades back into the game, I was a little confused about the situation I was suddenly in. I thought the planed landed safely but I guess not; cause when I looked to my right there is my burning, crashed airplane. I would like to see some more story about the situation jack is in, as far as the player is concerned, the plane landed just fine, why is the plane on fire? Seems a little more happened and I would like to see that played out a little more


Another thing that could addressed by a little more story telling is, why can’t Jack move? The most likely reason is this, Red Limb wanted the game to be accessible to as many play types as possible; players who enjoy playing with a controller, and players who do not have a Controller and can just use the head tracking and touch pad to play; and probably most importantly, makes the game far less complicated to play. That is understandable, and for a brand new VR developer experience, an acceptable excuse. However, the majority of Gear VR users are looking for an experience that has more. We have all stood in place shooting stuff, in Virtual Reality at this point, and it was fun for a little bit. VR has been around now for 3 or so years, and as fast as technology is moving forward so are the expectations of its users; the developers are at a disadvantage playing catch up all the time, and I understand that but VR is supposed to be immersive and make you feel like you are there; nothing kicks you out of an experience faster than being confused about the situation you are in. Look… here’s an easy fix. The reason why he can’t move is because when he got out of the plane after it exploded, a piece of shrapnel about killed him and stuck him to a pole, or he hurt is leg or ankle, and is momentarily stationary while struggling to get free, these creepy grey aliens came out of the wood works and began attacking him. Red limb studios already started the story, why not embellish slightly more and make it a reason why he doesn’t move.

The game that masters this concept the best in recent years is Five Nights at Freddy’s. If you have never played a FNAF game, here’s the low down. The main character is sitting at a desk, in an office area, watching  video monitors keeping tabs on themed possessed animatromic, If the main character (you) got up to move from his office chair he wouldn’t be able see where the animatronics are and would most likely die. All explained in a simple voice recording at the first of the game. It also serves the purpose of adding suspense of the game cause you cant run and hide, which is a basic instinct. FNAF dose a good job of masking a annoying gameplay mechanic smoothed over by a bit of story telling.

The Art

The Art direction in the purge Day is great, with back grounds that are moody and terrific, setting up a great levels to Blow aliens heads off in. If only the Aliens had a little more life in them; they are all pretty static, with only a few frames of animation looped over and over. The models look great however, and they offer pretty good variety.

2nd Chapter in The Purge Day, Rainy City Streets

3rd Chapter in the Purge Day, Dark Clinic Massacre


Sounds and Music

The Sounds are Atmospheric and adequate to setting up the mood. The gun shots are generic and in fact the video above, I Pieced together with sounds I got from in about 15 mins, due to recording limitations currently on the Gear VR. An added bonus is the voice recording for Jack Bowman, which is very well done. In short, the sounds are simple and in a less is more sort of way, match the games tone and atmosphere.


Final Verdict

The Purge Day’s concept is very good, a shooter mystery, with a science fiction twist. It just suffers from being a little too shallow on game play. The difficulty is well balanced with the first level being open, and the streets being a little more closed in; and the final level, you really can’t see anything at all. And is unnerving and frightening. but will people see past the fact that the game-play feels too slow and repetitive? they might pass this game up after dying a few times on the first level, not giving it a chance that it deserves.

Vr has been able to bring a few new genres, This game is a Castle defense gaze shooter, there are better gaze shooters, and better castle defense games on the Gear vr, but for .99$ your getting both types of games in one. If anything it will entertain you for a few days, before you move on to something else. Or a game to showcase First time VR to your virgin VR friends. Nothing to overwhelming yet interesting enough to get them to see what make VR great. For us more jaded Vr users there just not enough to keep playing over and over again.

Blow Aliens heads off in The Purge Day
Fun for a first time experience. A little shallow for a long time VR user.
VR Comfort9
  • Head set tracking and controller support
  • Graphics look great
  • atmospheric and moody
  • shallow gameplay
  • overpowered weapons
  • mundane alien movement
7.9Overall Score

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Like many of you, I fell in love with VR in the 90's. I watched every movie about it, read books about it. and my jaw fell when I saw Palmer Lucky had made huge strides in his garage, that every huge company who had tried to develop it had failed at doing. I bought a Gear VR for my S6 as soon as it was available, started a you tube channel, GeerHed VR, and I am humbly thrilled to write VR game reviews for Twisted Reality!

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