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Anshar Wars 2 is one of the best games you can find for the Gear VR.
It is to the Gear VR, what Star Fox was for the Nintendo 64, one of the games where you can see the love that went into it.

Because of that, we highly anticipated the launch of the new mutliplayer update for it, we celebrated it by playing a intense match on it with our community.
A week ago we launched a server on the chatplattform “Discord” to chat about VR, on where we created a subsection for people to meet-up for playing Anshar Wars 2.
Voicechating with enemys while having a dogfight with them, is something really unique. We think it is a great addition to the game and are especially happy that the developers are giving such a huge update for free.

Anshar 2 2

The controls are on point and the graphics are superb. We will give you a full review in the days to come, but if you are in doubt about buying it, DO IT!.
And feel free to join us in our Discord chat if you want to play with us.

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