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Nobody quite knows what exactly Magic Leap is, but what we know is, that investors like Google, Warner Bros. and Qualcomm invested nearly 800 million dollars.
It is rumoured, that it actually shoot light into your eyeballs to work its magic.
They don’t really help solving this riddle and only rarely gives out new infos about their product.

The company releases some real footage that is from the device from time to time, but these snippets don’t really show what this tech is capable of.

It is somewhat similar to the Hololens from Microsoft and is therefore called an augmented reality device, it blends virtual content over the real world, from floating operating system windows to tiny holograms of animals.

The Hololens gets a lot of media buzz, but it has its flaws, it is big, the FOV is tiny and it is not good looking in general.
Because it is a computer on its own, the device can also become very hot while running, this can be very uncomfortable.
Because of the tiny FOV, it is more like looking throught a camera, which destroys a lot of its charm.

At this point, we don’t know a lot about this touch, apart from the things the company has patented, but it could be very tiny, leaving all the computing power to a computer that is connected wirelessly. But it can be also very big or even looking a lot like the META or the Hololens.
We expect it to be different from these already known devices and hope it will be very tiny by using a technology unknown to us by now.

For now we can only hope for a revolutionary device and speaking for our team, we can’t wait for the full reveal. Using a device like this, can potentially revolutionize the way we compute.

Take a look at the footage and tell us what you thing in the comments below.

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